Behind the Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the most outspoken artist to appear on the music scene. Every song she writes turns into a number one hit and her costumes will cause your head to spin. Her fashion choices and style is anything but ordinary, normal or practical. Her style has been claimed to be outlandish and weird. However, I consider Gaga brave.

She is self-confident and comfortable in her own skin. Many call her a fashion icon, yet do we ever take the time to find out who designs Lady Gaga’s clothing?

Although her use of fashion does leave a mark, her style of dress would have never been possible if it wasn’t for a few creative hands.

It’s time we discover who is behind some of Lady Gaga’s fashion choices and designs.

Designer Profile:


Andreas Eberharter has worked as a goldsmith and sculptor, since 1992 and as a freelance artist in Vienna, Austria. Eberharter creates jewellery for those how wish to depart from the on-going trends.

Unlike most designers, Eberharter’s approach to jewellery is that of a sculptor who seeks free access to expressions of artistic form. Eberharter uses new and unusual materials such as aluminum and acrylic glass, but also swarovski crystals and pearls or cubic zirconia. Eberharter is also eye-catching, intense and clear.

Last year, Eberharter introduced his collection called “Horny”. The collection merges metal, aluminium (which is now becoming something of a trademark to his label) and leather in bold and solid pieces of jewellery and for the first time, accessories.

Lady Gaga has worn several pieces from this collection, including the aluminium Eye Patch used in the “Paparazzi” music video.

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