In defense of…

You’re not at the top of your game today. But, it’s not your fault. I’m sure we can put the blame on that brown-eyed beauty you’re dating. That seems reasonable, right?  Reporters seem to favour such claims. In my opinion, it seems childish.

Reports have recently surfaced blaming women for ruining the World Cup. I can not believe the stories certain tabloids will publish just to get attention.

Soccer wives and girlfriends (also known as WAGS) seem to always be blamed for a poor performance. This trend began in World Cup 2006 when England’s group of wives and girlfriends led by Victoria Beckham  grabbed as much attention as their beaus on the field.

As of late, Sara Carbonero, Spanish newscaster and girlfriend of  Spain’s goalkeeper Iker Casillas is the latest target.  After the awful defeat to Switzerland in Spain’s opening game, the English and Spanish media are blaming her presence on the sidelines as the reason for Spain’s lost.

Why is she being blamed? Because she was she reporting  behind Casillas net before the match and interviewed him once the game came to a close. Wait, let me get this straight, reporters are blaming Cabonero for doing her job.  Again, I am left completely speechless.

In the post-match interview, Cabonero asked her boyfriend “how did you muck that up?” in reference to the  Swiss striker’s Gelson Fernandes‘s goal, Casillas responded by saying, “I don’t know what to say. I don’t know if this defeat will have consequences. The dressing room is fed up.” 

Again, she’s just doing her job, yet the whispers of blame quickly surfaced.

Telecinco, the TV station she works for, asked Carbonero afterwards if she thought that she had influenced the players during the game. She replied: “Can I destabilise the team? I think it is nonsense.”

I think it’s nonsense too. Blaming her or any other female who is romantically involved with a high-profile soccer star is going too far.

As a  female who enjoys both watching and playing soccer, I could never blame my boyfriend for a poor performance. Afterall, you win some, you lose some. 

So to all reporters out there, please stop blaming these women. They are merely there to support the players and their country.



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