Campeones del mundo!

I somehow knew that Spain would have been victorious at this year’s World Cup tournament in South Africa. Now this is not because I chose to follow the claims of various sports commentors. It is because of my genuine belief and support for the team. A team I refer to as one of my favourites as they are second to Italy. 

I was fortunate enough to witness Italy triumph and win their fourth World Cup in 2006 and now four years later, I am delighted to see Spain win their first World Cup. Both countries mean the world to me as they are part of my nationality.

While watching the game I was a bundle of nerves. I was anxious in anticipation and wanted to see nothing more than a goal by Spain and my wish came true when Iniesta scored.

Now if you know me well, you’ll know that I take soccer very seriously, especially when dealing with two teams in particular (Italy and Spain). In this case, during every game that Spain played I wore my Spain jacket and when that was in the wash I opted for my red jacket and bright yellow tank top. At times you got to make do with what you got!

I also showed my support for the team with the use of social media. Many of my tweets and status updates from June 11 to July 11 have been written in spainsh, for example “La Furia Roja” which means the red fury, has pop up on my friend’s newsfeed one too many times along with “Vamos España!” and “Villa! Maravilla!”.

This blog post is also part of my celebration and support for a team who deserved to win. As a promise to my family and as a tribute to my heritage I promised to visit Barcelona only if Spain would triumph. I will remain true to my word and will start packing my bags for my journey. Well maybe not at at this moment, I’ll pack eventually.

As the party goes on… España,véale pronto.



One thought on “Campeones!

  1. Spain was definitely the better team on the pitch that day, they controlled possession so easily. The “win at all costs” defensive approach of many of the teams in the tournament made the games unwatchable at times. “The Beautiful Game” for how much longer?

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