Blog Reflection

As part of my  Online Public Relations course, my instructor Barry Waite asked students to reflect on a primary aspect of social media which will be most applicable in our future careers as Public Relations Professionals.

The most important piece of information that I have learned in Online Public Relations that will be most applicable in my future career with corporate communications and public relations is the use of blogging.

In the advent of the social media revolution, online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it easier for organizations to communicate with their customers and further their brand resonance.

The internet has brought communications back into the public sphere. With the use of marketing campaigns appearing on YouTube, raising awareness about events through Facebook and adding links to social media press releases through the use of Twitter.

Yet, one of the most innovative ways in which companies have utilized social media is through the use of corporate blogs. Corporate blogs provide a personal perspective on an organization’s operations, engages with stakeholders, employees and customers at larger.

In my future career, I hope to work in either an educational institution or health care facility in the areas of marketing and digital communications. As an avid blogger, I have had previous experience in writing for a not-for-profit organization, as well as writing for two personal blogs “Belle on the Boulevard” which focuses on fashion and social media and “Trish Says” which is focuses on Canadian independent music.

Through the use of these blogs I have been able to share my messages with many individuals regardless of location and in real-time. Through my messages I have been able to reach a mass audience instantaneously. Not only am I building my network. I am also strengthening my writing skills that will prove to be vital in my future career.

As I work towards my career, I will take aspects from what I learned within the Online Public Relations course to ensure that I stay in tune with not only my organization, customers, employees but also any competitors.

The benefit of blogs is that you are constantly connected with the public. The opinions of users whether bad or good are in the open for you to review. This can also prove to be beneficial as you can improve and act upon customer opinions and further network with your audience.

As social media continues to progress, I am certain that the skills learned within the course will prove valuable within my career.

~Patricia Delle Monache

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