Now that’s spicy

Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice man,  decided to spend his  Tuesday afternoon by appearing in custom videos to answer some of his fan’s twitter questions. Well, technically, he didn’t decide. It’s part of his job. He was also in a bathroom all day wearing nothing but a towel.

Now, when I used to think of Old Spice I usually would associate it to older men and by older I mean men from 65-100 years in age. But not anymore. I know think of a man with a low-pitched voice with a sculpted body and probably an even greater sculpted image who is selling sex appeal to anyone willing to listen or watch. So, to the marketing team and writers who represent Old Spice, job well done.

Tuesday proved to be a day where social media users saw how the power of marketing is no longer only in magazine advertisements, billboards or television commercials.  Products and marketing have followed us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

It is a smart move on their part. If the masses won’t come to you, go to them. If one  person notices your video, hundreds are sure to follow. It’s a mass market out there and Old Spice has immersed themselves in it.

Check out the videos posted on Tuesday:

Alyssa Milano’s Tweet Response

Axe has some competition and I’m sure they’re feeling the pressure.

User generated content is the way of the future. Mustafa and Old Spice are a clear example of how marketing has expanded to social media.



2 thoughts on “Now that’s spicy

    • I agree, I used to think of Old Spice as something my dad would use. I think it was a brilliant campaign, and it’s got everyone talking, and thinking of Old Spice in a whole new way.

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