Don’t tell me what the poets are doing

A lovely piece, by a lovely girl…

The Ghost of You

One can only dream of going back in time,

Never taking any moment for granted.

You left a mark on my heart,

I’m forever enchanted by your beauty and grace,

The thought of you will forever bring a smile to my face.

Yet hunted,

Hunted by the ghost of you.

All that glitters, will soon fade to grey.

I hear your foot steps down the hall,

The sound of your laughter continues to fill the air.

The silence is keeping me company tonight,

As vision of you occupy my thoughts.

These dated photos are my only remaining possessions of you.

 How can I walk away?

When the ghost of you traces my every step,

My every move.

And as the day fades to night,

And God wipes the smile from of my face

I’m hunted, forever, by the ghosts of you.

I’m longing for your warm embrace,

I’m longing for familiarity in a destitute place.

Your ghost remains in my life,

And is illuminated by the shadows of the night.

When I’m engrossed in your memory,

The thought of your voice offers me a sweet melody.

Your  sun kissed skin,

Your glossy eyes,

Your words as beautiful as a poet’s rhyme.

And in time,

Many lay claims that we will meet again,

And in your demise,

I uttered my sad and sorry outcries.

Your sun kissed skin,

Child like grin,

Losing you was much like a deadly sin.



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