Fashion High Notes: Today’s Most Influencial Music Style Icons

If fashion is art, then the music industry is at least three art forms at once: song, dance and—as Lady Gaga would say—ra, ra, fashion, baby. After all, memorable musicians are the ones whose songs not only got into our heads, but whose clothes we want in our closets.

Elly Jackson

As pop’s new guard becomes more red-carpet-ready, Elly Jackson of the British electro-pop duo La Roux stands out by turning away dresses and gowns in favor of fitted blazers, skinny jeans and patent.

Karen O

 Yeah Yeah Yeahs’  Karen O’s stage outfits are as loud  with an always-adventurous combination of the bright, the sexy and, well, a dash of bizarre.


As bold as she is in her brash and wildly danceable hip-hop, M.I.A.’s wardrobe explosion of neon, metallic and bright African prints have turned into hipster staples.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is unmistakably fashion’s newest and most fervent provocateur and her fashion statements are too numerous and mind-boggling to count. The hair bow! The bubble dress! No pants! Too many masks to count! We could never wear her outfits to, say, work, but that won’t stop us from scrolling through the latest feast of Gaga ensembles on our lunch break.


These hot ladies will make you do a double take.



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