Lake Shore, what has happened to you

Welcome to the Lake Shore, the Toronto reality series about the people you generally go out of your way to avoid

Welcome to the Lake Shore, the Toronto reality series about the people you generally go out of your way to avoid

Love it or hate it, we could chat about the Jersey Shore with little consequence because ultimately, it ain’t our problem. Having just watchedthe premiere trailer for the Lake Shore, my bad karmic attitude has bit me in the ass. I am horrified and I am mortified. I don’t know whether I should take a shower or begin a global campaign to reassure everyone that THIS ISN’T TORONTO. It appears that our wonderful, multicultural city has been mined for each diverse group’s drunkest, most loudmouthed, tackiest member.

I don’t judge anyone for being young and liking a party, we all do! What bothers me the most (besides the obvious)is that they’re playing the race card in a city notoriously cited as an excellent worldwide example for a thriving and diverse metropolis. And that they’re even calling this TORONTO! The stretch of concrete Lakeshore and the John and Richmond clubs have very little to do with the cultural and metropolitan centre we all live, and party, in. Even amongst the young, drunken sector, these are ridiculous examples. They couldn’t feature one quiet voice of reason partying in Kensington or having a tallboy in Trinity Bellwoods? A young Bay trader with a sharp suit and his shit together that likes to knock back a few on the weekend? How about a UofT student who gets out of control but does it whilst pursuing a higher education!? Oh wait –the production of the Lakeshore has clearly mined the suburbs and GTA for the Rob Ford-voting representatives of our city. Whitby? Thornhill? Missisauga? I was raised out there, and WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I feel bad for their mothers. One of whom I’ve met. Toto, we ain’t in Jersey anymore. This is now way too close to home, people. The 10 minute trailer features the dregs of our beautiful city and I can’t bear to think that Toronto’s reputation is about be dragged through the polluted waters of the Lakeshore.

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