I Love You, Girl

This always seems to be quite the popular topic… Girl Crushes.

Are they weird? Are they normal? Do you care?

This topic has nothing to do with sexual orientation; you can be straight and admire a woman’s beauty, personality and intelligence. So please, check your judgment and stereotypical notions at the door.

Girl crushes, the topic itself is one which is, well, interesting to say the least. A number of journalists and writers have explored this at great length.

For instance, Stephanie Rosenbloom of the New York Times writes, “This is not a new phenomenon. Women, especially young women, have always had such feelings of adoration for each other. Social scientists suspect such emotions are part of women’s nature, feelings that evolution may have favored because they helped women bond with one another and work cooperatively. What’s new is the current generation’s willingness to express their ardor frankly”.

I’m sure that similar feelings are also shared among men. Bromance anyone?

My Celebrity Girl Crush: Katherine Moennig



2 thoughts on “I Love You, Girl

  1. oh myyyyyy gooooooooooood!!! i cannot believe it! :))) she’s my alltime girl crush!!!! if i were gay, she’d be the one. even though she says she is not gay, i somehow dont buy it :))
    but what if i like her only because of her character Shane from The L Word…oh well 🙂
    i love her hands. she looks “handy” !*blush*
    gazillion likes on this post!

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