DIY Couture: Half Moon Manicure

Popular in the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, the Half Moon Manicure is a hot nail trend that resurfaced on the Fall/Winter 2009 RTW catwalks but has been slow to gain mainstream attention.  Championed by Ruffian and early adopters Dior and Thakoon, we saw on runways again for Spring 2011 – but this time, it’s getting nods beyond the beauty blogger posse.
 What may seem impossible to recreate at home (especially for those among us whose basic technique needs professional intervention), try these simple steps to DIY the Half Moon Mani:

Step 1: Paint your entire nail the colour you want your half-moon to be.  For a more understated look, choose a clear base coat instead of bold colour.
Step 2: Allow the nail to dry completely, then use hole reinforcement stickers and place them on the base of your nails.  Recreate the classic Ruffian look as shown, or use french manicure tip guides placed upside down (like a smile) along the cuticle edge to achieve the “lunar landing” version as demonstrated in Ruffian’s Fall 2010 look (top).
Step 3: With your other colour, paint only above the sticker.  Wait for the polish to dry before removing the sticker.
Step 4: Apply a clear topcoat, if desired.

Source: Chick Advisor



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