You’re In Love With Who?!

For those of you who have seen Lady Gaga’s video ‘Judas’ let’s set aside the catchy lyrics, stunning makeup and captivating dance moves and focus on the song’s meaning.

In a religious sense, Judas, one of the 12 disciples betrayed Jesus for his ill weakness, money. He is someone who is looked upon as forsaking the one true person who provided him with guidance and the name alone causes many believers to feel uneasy.

But does the song have anything to do with religion at all?  Many claim Lady Gaga is using this as a metaphor for a lover she can’t trust, yet she can’t seem to pull herself away.

What do you think? Does it have anything to do with religion? Is this artistic expression or is this just a shock tactic?

Source: The Cut

Photo: Courtesy of Streamline/KonLive/Interscope



2 thoughts on “You’re In Love With Who?!

  1. i watched this video like 3 times in a row cuz there were so many things going on and so many details. i really think she brought up the religion reference just to shock. america is still so puritan. i always said she is doing for pop what marilyn manson did for rock a while ago.

  2. Lady Gaga, the Marilyn Manson of Pop….I never thought of her that way. But I can see why you’d say that.
    Gaga knows how to push people’s buttons, that’s for sure. She’s a talented artist.

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