Sorbet Nails

As delicious and sweet as the most refreshing ice creams summer has to offer, sorbet nail colours are inspired by our favourite sugary treat. Think sumptuous tangerine, berries and tangy lemon, but instead of flavours, think of them as vibrant nail colours. This trend is a must for summer 2011.

Yellow Brick Road, Deborah Lippmann   I love the vibrant colour. This is perfect for the summer, especially when paired with your favourite bikini.

Do me a Favour, Leighton Denny I adore this sunburst orange colour. Without question, this is the nail polish everyone should own.

Dior, Vernis

I love the fact that these colours make a statement without being too bold. The subtlety of colours is make makes them so appealing. Try these shades out and add a little colour into your world.



2 thoughts on “Sorbet Nails

  1. I love Deborah Lippmann nailpolish! Literally I am always posting about it! LOVED this yellow color… perhaps I’ll have to purchase it?

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