New York Treasures

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that as I’m maturing and finding my style, I’m starting to really get into and appreciate jewelry. Now, when I talk about appreciating jewelry, I am not talking about the large retail names that are known worldwide. I’m solely talking about jewelry which is hand-made and crafted by independent artists.

There’s just something different that you as a buyer get when purchasing a piece made by an independent artist. The piece of jewelry in a sense tells a story. Buying it is more genuine and satisfying than purchasing any diamond from a popular brand name (well at least for me).

Anyone who knowns me well, knows that I’m not all for the shiny, glittery, jewelry. The real dazzle for me lies in the innovation and craft of the piece. I’m a big supporter of independent artists and being from Toronto, I try to support as many stores and artists as I can. You’ll recall a post I did way back when on The Rage. The Rage is located in Kensington Market and offers clothing, accessories and artwork from local designers and artists, many of which are self-taught or are fashion students. All designs are environmental and use new and recycled materials.

Since I’m big on supporting the little guys, you can imagine my excitement when I learned about New York store In God We Trust. They offer clothes, accessories and surprise, surprise…jewelry. The line consists of pieces produced in the U.S. by founder Shana Tabor. Her line offers in-demand selection of understated hand-made jewelry with a twist: snarky engraved messages that souvenir-shop-wit can’t even touch.

Here are some pieces for you to enjoy:



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