Make Your Own Brown Sugar Body Scrub

For beauty fans, it can be hard keeping up with all the latest products while maintaining a budget. After all, there are so many products available and new collections seem to arrive by the day! Happily, you don’t need to splash out on everything. On the contrary, dear readers, there are several products you make at home that require little money and little fuss.

Much like many women, skin care is incredibly important to me. Here’s a recipe for a brown sugar body scrub that is quick and simple to make, won’t break the bank, and is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling refreshed and revived just in time for summer!

1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup brown sugar
Essential oils (optional)

Firstly, grab a large bowl or pick up a glass jar like Anthropologie’s Baker’s Jaker ($28). Add the brown sugar to the bowl and then create a well in the middle. Pour your olive oil into the well and then add a drop of your favorite essential oil, if you choose. Mix the ingredients together until they form a thick paste. To use the scrub, apply the mixture to your skin using gentle circular motions. After a few minutes, rinse your skin with warm water. A note: when using a scrub that contains sugar, take extra care to rinse it off as sugar may irritate skin and cause acne.

Source: Mama’s a Rolling Stone


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