Orange Crush

The hot weather has finally graced Toronto with its presences and I am definitely not complaining. This is the perfect opportunity to re-introduce colour into my wardrobe which was dull and lifeless as every shirt, pant and sweater was black or grey. Needless to say, the cold winter weather will not be missed.

As many Canadians including myself, celebrated the Canada Day long weekend with friends and family, many also took some much-needed time to do some shopping. While browsing the malls or even by just picking up a fashion magazine, the hottest colour this summer is without a doubt ORANGE. I love this colour, its bold and lively. Not mention, I’m pretty certain anyone can pull it off.

So, being the trend hunter that I am, I just had to buy some article of clothing in the shade. So, I brought this cute dress at Old Navy.

Old Navy Women's Ruffle Gauze Dress in Warm Sunset $39.94

This dress also has a very retro feel to it. It can also be paired with a great brown belt and a cardigan for an evening look. I also took some pictures using the iPhone Instagram application just for a vintage feel.

Loving the orange dress.

Hello There!

Here comes the sun.

And because it won’t be sunday without Sweet Sounds Sundays, today’s song of choice is…

George Harrison (The Beatles) ~ Here Comes the Sun



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