Jersey Shore Fashion Recap

We all have a guilty pleasure whether we choose to admit it or not. My guilt pleasure is on which I get contestant flak for once I admit to it, so what is it?

Well the title of this post gives the answer away. I am an avid view of the MTV hit-reality series, Jersey Shore. Yes it’s true. I just can’t get enough of this 20-somethings running around, fist-pumping and getting into all sorts of trouble.

Besides the trouble that the cast tends to get easily into, you can’t help but notice their style sense. Or is it just me? Well, The Cut, New York magazine’s fashion blog, certain took note. So much so, that they dedicated a whole slideshow recapping last Thursday’s episode…with a fashion twist of course.

Get ready for giant, black, patent waist-belts, So-Five-Years-Ago Headbands and more!

Is Snooki's zebra belt actually a fanny-pack belt with a pocket for storing stuff. She also had a leopard purse, so why would she need the fanny belt? Is one for condoms and the other for drunk snacks?

She's gone minimalist compared to earlier seasons. I actually prefer her this way.

Goodbye pouf, hello headband? The pouf was never trendy and the headband is so five years ago.

Shirtlessness: accessorized.

Source: The Cut

And that’s all for now.



10 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Fashion Recap

  1. First off.. I dislike this show lol. I;m sorry, I was born and raised in Jersey and this crap is just annoying especially when none of them were ever from NJ lol. But anywho, Snooki really has no fashion sense, and JWoww does look a lot better.

  2. I think J-Wow looks better too – I don’t think she got work done, I just think she lost weight. I lost a bunch of weight and my face got a lot slimmer and it was just from the loss of fat!

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