Jewelry Designer: Elizaveta Gnatchenko

The following post is a story which I wrote for FASHIONOTES. I wanted to share this with all of you. Enjoy!

From arts student to high fashion phenomena, Elizaveta Gnatchenko is quickly getting noticed in the jewelry industry for her beautifully detailed works of art.

Elizaveta Gnatchenko has always been inspired by beauty. She accredits classical and Soviet art for the intricate construct of her jewelry making.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Gnatchenko found that people made their own clothes and jewelry. It was the norm as there was no fashion market. The progress of jewelry making is almost organic for the young designer. Each piece that she creates embodies a sense of decadences, luxury and sophistication.  With a heighten attention to detail, Gnatchenko’s jewelry will have you taking a second glance.  Her perfectly balanced yet complex geometric styles will leave you in awe.  The elaborate jewel-encrusted pieces have become a staple in the designer’s collections, her pieces are rich with fine gold and colored jewels.

Gnatchenko graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Moscow where she earned a degree in Sociology. She later moved to London, where she had found a renewed love in art. She attended Central Saint Martins to study jewelry design. The acclaimed school is known throughout London and those who earn their honors degree in Jewelry learn the craftsmanship of the art. Emphasis is placed on drawing, live projects and experimentation.

During her studies, Gnatchenko was fortunate enough to work with many distinguished names in the fine jewelry industry, namely Swarovski and Tateossian, the label asked her to design a collection for their 20th anniversary. In 2010, she was honored with the New Designers Associated Jewelry Prize.
For now, Gnatchenko plans to grow as a designer and hopes to continue designing unique pieces as an independent designer. She hopes to open her own store in London, a city, which she believes, is a fantastic scene for creative individuals.

We can’t wait to see what brilliant designs she comes up with next.



5 thoughts on “Jewelry Designer: Elizaveta Gnatchenko

  1. Wow, this was actually really interesting to read. Thanks for sharing… p.s. it also gives hope to a lot of up and coming designers I think that you really can make it in the business.

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