The Best of the Pre-Fall Trend of Black + White

Hey everyone! The following is a story that I wrote for FASHIONOTES, an online fashion, beauty & shopping destination covering global trends. I wanted to share this with you all. Of course, we here in Canada are dreading the upcoming months. Before we get greeted by the cold, let’s keep in mind that even though it’s not Summer, we can still be fashionable. Enjoy!

Some trends are for the moment, and some become instant classics. Black and white, however, is a fashion staple.

This fall, the runways have been dominated by the two classic colors. and if you ever doubted the color duo or think it’s a boring color blend, it’s time to rethink the mixtures.

Stella, Prabal Gurung, Marc Jacobs, Tibi

Black and white is often understated and dubbed as minimalistic, yet its simplicity is what  gives it elegance. This classic combo will remain in your closet for years to come. Of course, as fashion gets re-invented, the traditional black and white style will be presented in a whole new light.

This season brought monochrome silhouettes, geographic shapes, perforated fabrics, fine leather, and sheers and lace. I love the fact that the black and white trend also brought different styles and lovely ensembles, including tuxedo dressing and polka dots. Who knew that basic blazers, trouser-pants and spotted blouses would be so chic?

LV, Max Mara, Kors, Moschino

Black is seductive and luxurious, while white offers a soft clean look. Together, they make the perfect contrast. The pre-fall runways proved that the so called ‘minimalistic’ black and white can be transformed into highly detailed and intricate outfits which are sure to be attention-grabbers.

Refreshing and seamless styles that are wearable and feminine—fall here we come!



4 thoughts on “The Best of the Pre-Fall Trend of Black + White

  1. I just love black and white.. which is why I knew these colors (with some accent colors) will be the colors of my future wedding. Simple and classic.. and black and white always will be. Wonderful post.. and I will definitely go support you at the other blog. You’re amazing

  2. Right still can’t see damn pictures – but hear what you’re saying! As soon as I’m back from travels I may start to live by this mantra for the ‘fall’ hehe, get me going all american!

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