How To: The Perfect Bold Lip

Want luscious bold lips this Fall?

I got some helpful tips for you. Let’s make a statement ladies!

Simple steps to follow

Step 1: Make Homemade Lip Exfoliate 

Pour about a tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of sugar into a small bowl or side plate.

Making sure your hands are completely clean, dip you finger into the mixture and apply it gentle to your upper and lower lip evenly. Wipe your lips clean with a paper towel.

Step 2: Lightly Moisturize

Using your favorite lip balm (I love using Bert’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Tin) apply a small amount of product to your lips with either a lip brush or you finger.

Step 3: Line your Lips

Now ladies, you don’t want to miss this step.

Grab your favorite lip liner and outline your lips. Once this is complete, you’ll want to fill in your lips with the liner. This helps to make your lipstick last longer. I love using MAC products. They offer a great variety of colours to choose from.

Step 4: Apply your Lipstick

I’d suggest applying your lipstick with a brush. This will help you apply your lipstick evenly.  Now if you don’t have a brush, not to worry. You can directly apply your lipstick to your lips. Just use your liner as your outline.

If you are however looking to purchase a lip brush, you don’t have to send loads of money on purchasing a high-end brand name brush. There are so many great ones available at the drugstore for less.

Step 5: Finger Pops and Touch Ups

 Make sure that you don’t get any lipstick on your teeth, because, well that could be pretty embarrassing.

I’m sure you have all heard of the finger pop and for those of you who haven’t, please watch the video below.

You’ll always what to make sure to wipe any excess lipstick around your lips with a pointed Q-Tip and touch up with your concealer. Again, you can use a brush for this or your finger.

Step 6: Keep your Make-up Simple

With a bold lip, we want our lips to do all the talking.

Your look can easily  compliment your look with some black mascara and coral blush.

Step 7: Bringing the Look Together

For my last tip…it’s the big finish.

This one thing will bring your look together… SMILE!

Source: Because I’m Addicted



6 thoughts on “How To: The Perfect Bold Lip

  1. I’ve never heard the olive oil and sugar trick…brilliant! I rarely wear lipstick, but if I do, I always end up licking my lips every 2 seconds so it comes off within an hour. This seems like the perfect solution to my problem though. Thanks love!

  2. Hey Caroline,

    Yes, please try it. When you do wear lipstick and are feeling daring, try to find a lipstick that lasts. This way you won’t have to worry about re-applying. I know Cover Girl and Revlon have some great shades. You can also check out Rimmel. I used their red lipstick, “temptation”, in the photo above.
    Thanks for commenting. I’m thinking of doing a food post next. I love your blog it’s inspiring and it makes me hungry.

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