Emerging Designer: Heikki Salonen

I guess you could say Heikki Salonen is quite the ladies man! 

Born in Vantaa, Finland in 1979, Salonen draws his inspiration from real women. His clothes are for the urban city-girl, the rebellious vixen, the hip tomboy and the mysterious dwellers.

Salonen does not rely on bold, bright colors to make a fashion statement—the same can be said for his collection showings. He relies, instead, on muted palettes of black, white and gray, which seem to be his key color components. His fashion shows are not the same spectacle event that you would compare to a Betsey Johnson or Prada show. There are no flashing lights or meticulously crafted performances. Salonen’s runways mirror the aesthetics of a downtown metropolis—they seem raw and real, never staged.


Salonen believes that each piece from his collection is made to be worn as shown. His garments are elegant, subdued and street sensible.  With a mix of urban comfort, Salonen’s collections are a juxtaposition of modern high-fashion and rugged streetwear.

Completing his studies at London’s Royal College of Art, a school recognized as the world’s most influential postgraduate art and design school, he graduated in 2008 and worked for Erdem and then at Diesel as the Creative Director for the label’s women’s line. Shortly thereafter, he went on to create his own line with partner Johanna Eliisa Laitanen.

In 2009, Salonen’s collection was part of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s ‘Future Fashion Now’ exhibition and was part of the ‘Fashion East’ show, a non-profit initiative allowing young designers to showcase their collections to international press and fashion buyers attending London Fashion Week.

Salonen has received much attention in a short amount of time from some of the fashion industry’s most trusted sources, including Elle, Nylon and Italian Vogue. He recently unveiled his Fall/Winter collection and is set to be launching a shoe collection.


Check out the Heikki Salonen Fall/Winter 2011 lookbook below directed by Nicole Maria Winkler—it’s dark, eerie and artistic with the focus not solely resting on the clothes, but also on the model and the background. In a sense, it tells a story.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of his styles soon—probably on a few fashion-forward celebrities. Keep your eyes on young Hollywood!





4 thoughts on “Emerging Designer: Heikki Salonen

  1. I can’t wait to see more of this clothes. I am definitely a urban chic girl and love that style as well as a slight tomboy.. thanks for sharing this. I always love visiting here to see the new designers

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