Should 14-Year-Old Kylie Jenner be Allowed to Walk in Avril Lavigne’s Runway Show?

Everyone loves Kardashian Kontroversy! I couldn’t resist. I just had to share this story with you all. Let me know what you think about this.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner may have been afraid to do runway, but Kylie (left) is apparently welcoming the challenge. The Kardashians‘ younger half-sister will be making her New York Fashion Week debut next Monday at Style 360-Metropolitan Pavilion, where Avril Lavigne plans to send her Abbey Dawn collection down the runway, WWDreports. To connect the dots: Avril’s boyfriend is Kylie’s half brother (and former Hills star) Brody Jenner. They’re such a tight-knit family!

The only problem: Kylie just turned 14, which is well below the CFDA-imposed16-year age minimum for runway models. Since February of this year, when these guidelines were announced, it’s been a gradual adjustment for some–having lead to a recent request by the CFDA that designers start carding models at their shows. We reached out to Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA, and here’s what he had to say:

The CFDA Health Initiative guidelines are suggested recommendations put forth for the industry. The latest version has been distributed widely. We are not in a position to police or enforce these recommendations. We can only hope that they are followed and taken seriously and are happy that so many in our industry are acting responsible.

So, should Kylie be karded? One the one hand, Lavigne’s line is targeted at tweens and teens so it makes some sense to show the line on a teenage model. And Style360 is not part of the CFDA. On the other, the fact that Kylie and her family are such publicity machines makes this worse. Even if the CFDA cannot “police” Avril Lavigne for sending a 14-year-old down her runway, she’s sending a pretty clear and far-reaching message that it’s fine to do so. And even if Avril isn’t exactly a respected fashion industry figure, she’s obviously in the public eye. Do you think allowing Kylie to walk is irresponsible?

Source: Fashionista



16 thoughts on “Should 14-Year-Old Kylie Jenner be Allowed to Walk in Avril Lavigne’s Runway Show?

  1. Hmm you raise some interesting points. In all honesty, I think because it is just Avril Lavigne’s line (who knew she was still around), it isn’t that big of a deal. Especially since it is a line geared for teens. Then again, Madonna got Taylor Momsen to be her spokes model for a “teen line” (Material Gir)l and she was fine even though she wasn’t as young as the targeted audience. I think at the end of the day a 16 year old could do just as good as a job reaching the teen audience as a 14 year old and we should stick with it. Obviously these rules are being implemented because they are having issues, no?

  2. I think everyone is a little on edge when it comes to fashion and age. I find that this really came to the lime light with Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the 10 year-old who appeared in Vogue Paris. And yes, Abbey Dawn is geared to a younger audience. I just can’t believe the line is still around!

    • Agreed. It’s not uncommon to see younger models on the runway. The CFDA imposed a 16-year age minimum, however those are merely guidelines/suggestions.
      She’s going to attract a lot of attention regardless because of her family. I guess all publicity is good publicity.

  3. I think that because it is a line targeted for girls her age and she is considered a “public figure”, she should be able to do it. Do I think she should be wearing those stacked platform heels? No, but her mother probably had her in those years ago anyways.

  4. Since it is geared for teens, teens modelling them is okay I guess ! but fashion does take it too far sometimes. Is it giving children too much pressure too early, I agree totally! but in this case she is already in the lime light so much that it shouldn’t matter!

    but in a general sense modelling campaigns for real young children like the ‘Loungerie’ by Jaures Apres is a no no!

  5. I completely understand that Avril’s line is geared towards tweens.. but you can’t make the rules good for everyone else and allow Avril to do as she wants. I think it’s all about publicity for both Avril and The Kardashians if you ask me. On Sunday, it was also mentioned Avril’s name popped up on their show as well. I don’t knock anyone’s hustle, but I’m undecided on this because I just think its all about publicity.

  6. Kay, without a doubt this is a means of publicity.

    Avril’s line – Abbey Dawn – was the product of poor sells for the longest time. She is trying to revive the label by getting Kylie Kardashian, a young aspiring model who also happens to be Avril’s boyfriend (Brody Jenner) half-sister.

    This plan was well thought out. I mean fashion sites have been talking about Kylie and Kendall for a few weeks now. The show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is experiencing great success. This is just another way for them to build their brand. I mean Kim’s wedding well be featured on the show, so it’s no surprise if this will as well. It helps the Kardashians and Avril gets to come along for the ride.

    I mean think about it this way, whenever there is any mentions of a runway show, avid fashion fans will know the designers campaign, maybe even have some inclination of clothes, yet what do we have in this case…everyone is talking about this 14 year-old and no one is putting emphasis on the clothes. On the other hand, it’s probably better this way. Those clothes don’t sell themselves.

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