Ten Things to Know about Jeremy Gutsche

Innovative, creative and vibrant. Could Jeremy Gutsche be the coolest man alive?

Jeremy Gutsche is the mastermind behind Trend Hunter, an online community showcasing the latest trends in design, technology, business, pop culture and fashion. Established in 2006, the Trend Hunter website has 50,000 contributors around the world helping Gutsche on his quest to stay on top of all things cool by researching and tracking data on a variety of hot topics and compiling them into trend reports. He’s contributors include journalists, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Needless to say, staying on top of the latest and coolest is a hard job, especially with trends changing at a rapid pace.

If you think that this site is only for hipsters, Trend Hunter reports go out to some of today’s most popular companies such as, eBay, Google, Microsoft and Pepsi Co.  And, why wouldn’t they rely on Gutsche and his team’s expertise? After all, it’s their job to be cool.

Gutsche’s initial hope for Trend Hunter was that many would use the site as a form of inspiration—namely, aspiring entrepreneurs. Today, Trend Hunter receives 40 million page views per month!

With a slew of corporate cliental and trend-seekers, it’s not surprising that Gutsche has gained such great success. But there’s much more to this uber-trendspotter that many may not know. I have compiled a listing of the 10 things you should know about Jeremy Gutsche:

  1. Along with being the founder and creator of Trend Hunter, Gutsche is an innovation expert, award-winning author of the book Exploiting Chaos and co-host of Trend Hunter TV—a program featuring content provided by Trend Hunter community members, and a keynote speaker and judge on BNN’s TV show “The Pitch”.
  2. Was raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  3. Gutsche studied Innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (in Palo Alto, California), holds an MBA from Queen’s University (in Kingston, Ontario, Canada), graduated from The University of Calgary in Finance (in Alberta, Canada) and was awarded Graduate of the Decade. Gutsche is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.
  4. Prior to starting Trend Hunter, Gutsche worked at the Monitor Group, a global management consulting firm located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A, as a management consultant.
  5. He is one of the hardest-working men in the technology and innovation industry, putting dozens of hours in the office and a half-dozen more at home each day.
  6. He created Trend Hunter while working full-time at Capital One and taught himself how to code and design online.
  7. Trend Hunter operates out of a first-floor office located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada with a team of 18 employees.
  8. He is notorious for sending his employees emails at 4 am—we told you he was a hard worker!
  9. Was a recent recipient of the Cisco Innovation Excellence Award, an award that honors young entrepreneurs with growing innovative and creative businesses.  He has also won numerous other awards over the years, including the Axiom Business Book Award in 2010 for his book ‘Exploiting Chaos’.
  10. He believes in giving young people a chance—the average age of his employees is 24.5.

I foresee an even brighter future for this young entrepreneur in the years to come.

I wanted to share with you all my latest story from FASHIONOTES, an online fashion, beauty & shopping destination covering global trends which I write for on a monthly basis. I typically write stories surrounding fashion (both for men and women), trends, beauty and spotlight emerging designers. I really enjoyed writing this. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it. 

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