Just when you thought the bob hair trend only applied to women. Some of the most attractive men in the world appear to have developed a fear of scissors — or a love of a good, blunt bob.

Brad Pitt

Listen Brad Pitt, it was super sexy when you had those long, flowing blonde locks in “Legends of the Fall,” but that movie took place at the turn of the 20th century, and you were 31 at the time. Now, at 47, you look like a man in desperate need of a deep conditioning treatment clinging to his youth.

Ashton Kutcher

Hobo chic? Yes, I know he’s a good-looking man, but I’m not sure I’m loving his new look. I understand he is now part of “Two and a half men”, but that doesn’t mean he needs to let himself go. Please Ashton, get a hair cut.

Gabriel Aubry

Although I’m not a big fan of men with long locks, in my opinion, Gabriel Aubry is an exception to my rule. Ladies, he can do no wrong.

Jared Leto

Okay, so I know he’s a rock star now, maybe that’s what inspired this look in the first place. But, I love him when his hair is short (which it is now…yay!) because like most women, I get to enjoy his face more when there aren’t any strands of hair flying in his face.

So, what do you think of the man-bob? Dig it or hate it? I think everyone knows where I stand.

Source: Stylelist



12 thoughts on “MAN-BOBS: TRESS TREND

  1. I so totally, totally agree with you. Here are men with good featured faces, covered up with fur. I just don’t get it. An attractive man behind long hair and a beard, is no longer attractive to me.

  2. Man bobs? Not good. Especially not on grown men o.O Although I must agree with you in that Gabriel will look amazing no matter what…still, I prefer him with short hair. He can pull it off ❤

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