Arm Candy: The Best of Cuff Love

This fall have a little fun with cuffs and, no, I don’t mean hand-cuffs (you little criminal)! Cuffs are the newest trend in jewelry, so leave your boyfriend at home, because you, my dear, just got some new arm candy!

House of Harlow 1960 Large Gold Seal Cuff in Black Wax and Red Wax $220 at Singer 22

This season every wrist should be adorned with at least one cuff. Cuffs definitely bring glam status to any outfit, ranging from big and bold to slender and dainty. This style of bracelet can be intricate with detailed designs or enameled in a variety of lively colors. Cuffs are to be worn with attitude and confidence—after all, they’re fierce pieces of jewelry! Don’t be fooled, however, cuffs are not a new trend.

House of Harlow 1960 Gun Metal Plated Triquetra Hinged Cuff $75.20 at Singer 22

Coco Chanel did it in the 1930s; fashion editor and columnist Diana Vreeland did it in the 1960s; and several designers reincarnated this look for their 2012 resort collections. Many have also created the trend of “double cuffs” – wearing a cuff bracelet on both arms. I love this trend because it proves that jewelry need not be fine or precious to be great. It’s all about art and expression.



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