Where Skate Meets Stiletto

Now I may not be the world’s greatest ice skater, however I would make an honest attempt in DSquared2′s ‘Skate Moss’.

Aren’t they gorgeous?! Yes, I know they may not be practical, but they just look so fabulous!



12 thoughts on “Where Skate Meets Stiletto

  1. Okay.. they look nice but ummm NO LOL. I would love to see a woman walk with this shoes in the meat packing district in NYC… on our cobblestone streets LOL. 10% will complete it.. the rest not so much. Nice design though

  2. Wow, dangerous. Putting stilettos on ice cutters is real smart… ice blades aren’t sharp but when moving at speed or in the air when someone falls they are dangerous and putting all the pressure of the bodyweight on the toes on blades is just stupid. People are impressionable, sure designers do this stuff for the ‘art’ of fashion but I hope they put an advisory on it saying these are just for photos.

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