I Really Want to be in California

Need a cure for the winter blues? Dreaming of the beach, crystal blue water and relaxation?

With the chilly months among us, warm weather getaways are a welcomed escape. So take a break from your scarves and gloves and daydream with me.

Yes, I’m dreaming of California…yet again!

Carmel, California

Achieve relaxation in simplicity. Carmel, California offers travellers a world of natural beauty. Carmel, situated in the Monterey Peninsula, provides breath-taking scenery and a world of art. Many of the towns most recognized mayors were poets and actors, including Clint Eastwood, who was mayor from 1986 to 1988.

Explore Pebble Beach and enjoy coastline views at Big Sur or for the wine connoisseur, go wine tasting at the many vineyards, such as Chateau Julien.

In Carmel, you won’t be the only one basking in all that the town has to offer, the town is known for being dog friendly, many hotels admit guest with dogs.

The town also has a number of unusual laws, including a law on high heels. The law requires anyone wearing heels higher than two inches to obtain a permit due to tripping accidents caused by irregular pavements.

Strange right? And not very fashion friendly. The good thing is that it’s not actually enforced.

Where will you travel to this winter?

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