Wearing Black to a Wedding

Can a woman wear black to a wedding? Can the bride choose to dress her bridesmaids in black dresses?
 Black, that trendy and oh so slimming colour, never seems to go out of style. But many have their reservations about wearing the color to weddings.

Historically, it was frowned upon to wear black to a wedding, because black is traditionally connected with mourning. The color, many believe conveys feelings of negativity if worn to a wedding.

I understand how it is to deal with this school of thought, my parents, extended family and some friends think the same. But I don’t believe it to be bad etiquette or a fashion faux pas, black is flattering on everyone. Plus it’s a go-to color, every hear of the little black dress?
Wearing black is perfectly acceptable.  Seriously, stop trying to make it a big deal.
 Oh And, By the Way…
The two cardinal colors to steer clear of for weddings are white and ivory so you don’t take away from the bride!


21 thoughts on “Wearing Black to a Wedding

  1. I get married in a few weeks, in whats hopefully a very modern wedding and my lovely and uber stylish mum is wearing black! She looks sensational in her dress, and i think thats whats most important nowadays rather than sticking to more traditional fashion conventions! X

  2. In my country there are local traditional wedding dress in black, and another local tradition wearing white to funeral.
    I think it’s just a matter of tradition and opinion. Black dress is just as gorgeous as white, ivory or pink dress.

  3. I can see why people would frown upon wearing black to a wedding although in the images it looks pretty chic and classic. As well as contrasting with the white of the brides dress making it stand out all the more. I don’t see a problem with it personally but I can see why some would.

    • Hi Natalie,
      I’m glad you brought up contrast. I love playing on dark and light colours. Although, I am not dressing my bridesmaids in black, I have chosen one dark and one light colour – charcoal grey and blush pink. I love how the two colours are completely opposite yet mesh together so lovely.

  4. Pat.. LOVE THIS ARTICLE! Girl you hit the nail on the head in regards to wearing black to a wedding. I still want my bridesmaids, when I get married, to wear black. I’ve always wanted them too. One simple reason why.. all the girls, who will be in my wedding, will be different sizes.. and black would make all of them look wonderful. I want my girls to look wonderful, feel wonderful, and celebrate with me.

  5. Black is a slimming and flattering color, though it’s not one that’s appropriate to wear to a wedding, in my opinion.
    There are two formal occasions that require masses of people to attend in their best clothes: weddings and funerals. For weddings, the bride is the only one permitted to wear white, so you should stick to creams or any light color, really. For funerals, wearing black is a sign of respect at the deceased one’s passing.
    Lovely blog and post!
    Visit my blog? Thanks!
    Love you!


    • Hi Lauren,
      Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog. Loving your blog, by the way. Many are opposed to wearing black at weddings. Many people in my family would agree with you. And, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion.
      On the notation that only the bride can wear white, I totally agree! =)

  6. Well I think those bridesmaids look sophisticated and classy with the black dresses- I never would have thought about it! The three black dresses in the picture are gorgeous. The middle one is my fave!

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