No One on the Corner has Swagger Like Us

I’m telling you, these hipsters are getting younger by the second. It seems as though everyone regardless of age seems to be a fashionista or fashionisto.

Case in point, Children with Swag…have you heard of this tumblr blog?

These kids are ditching the gap stores and are donning some pretty rad clothing. I’m not even sure what to think.

Love this last kid.


19 thoughts on “No One on the Corner has Swagger Like Us

  1. Wow. They look cute and all but it’s scary, kids are going to start judging people on what they were early. I miss the days we could where what we wanted without a care in the world.

  2. OMG.. one of these would probably be my kid LOL. They would be so stylish, holding my hand, walking down the streets of NYC lol. I love this. they are so cute. Thanks for sharing this Pat.

  3. me and my siblings all the way.. i personally like these kids better than the ones in ‘gap’ clothing…

    LOL at the asian girl and the last kid! the one with thick glasses was cute!

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