First Look: The Carrie Diaries

We’ll soon be watching and admiring a young Carrie Bradshaw.

This is Carrie like we have never seen her before. In her teenage years!!!!

AnnaSophia Robb, has been cast to play Carrie Bradshaw in the CW’s new Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries.

I think she fits the part perfectly.

But don’t take my word for it…

“When AnnaSophia Robb walked into the room, we knew we had found her,” writer/executive producer Amy B. Harris said in a release. “The fact that she loves a gorgeous pair of heels doesn’t hurt either,” she added. Of dressing the young Carrie Bradshaw, costume designer Eric Daman said, “It’s a rare invitation to dress a character whose reputation truly precedes her. Having played a hand in designing for the Carrie we know and love, I am honored to be chosen to carry the torch — to illuminate the woman we know by discovering the young lady she was.”

What do you think of AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie?



Source: Fashionista

23 thoughts on “First Look: The Carrie Diaries

  1. So I was very very nervous about this whole prequel and how it was ever going to live up to SATC until I saw this photo of AnnaSophia. She looks too perfect, especially in that outfit, and I am so excited now!!

  2. WOW, i’ve not heard about this news so thanks for sharing this great piece of juicy information! I was big fan of SATC back then so i can’t wait for the prequels. And i agree, i wont know about AnnaSophia’s acting skills until i see it but i look forward to it, hehehe… gotta say, i love the outfit tho, it’s soooo CARRIE!!! the retro hair and silver dress with green leopard cardigan – a perfection to mix and match style=)

    Happy i stumbled upon your blog – great stuff!!! ^__^


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