10 Most Beautiful Train Stations in the World

I adore architecture. I believe that this world has many teasures for us to explore.

Architecture holds such great detail, it’s an incredible art and I am always left in awe when I’m in the presence of a beautiful building.

Take your eyes on a visual journey of the world’s most beautiful train stations. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Atocha Train Station — Madrid, Spain

Rossio Station — Lisbon, Portugal

Sirkeci Station — Istanbul, Turkey

King’s Cross Station — London, England

Union Station — Los Angeles, California

Grand Central Terminal — New York City, New York

Gare du Nord — Paris, France

São Bento Station — Porto, Portugal

Central Railway Station — Helsinki, Finland

Dunedin Train Station — Dunedin, New Zealand

Which one’s your favourite?

Source: Flavorwire



23 thoughts on “10 Most Beautiful Train Stations in the World

  1. I love nyc and paris stations, those are some I’ve actually visited and can vouch for the lovliness, I wish i’d known about the Madrid station, was there back in september and walked past but never went inside! Will have to next time! 🙂 Great post btw xx

  2. I’ve visited a few of them (Gare du Nord, Grand Central Terminal, Central Railway Station and King’s cross) but I’ll have to agree with “My Inner Chick” – the Atocha Train Station looks amazing.

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