Hair how to: flowing, side-pinned waves

It’s summer time and I’m all about the hair that is sexy and full of volume and what better to show off your gorgeous head of hair with ultra gorgeous waves.

Want to know how get these curls all on your own? Here’s a step-by-step on how to successfully get the look.

1) Apply a blow-dry lotion to damp hair .

2) Use a blow dryer to create texture at the roots of your hair. Run your fingers through the strands and lift the roots while blasting hot air towards the scalp.

3) Once hair is completely dry, create a deep side part.

4) Spray a curl-enhancing mist all through the hair and use a 1-inch iron to curl your hair. You may also use a curling tong.

5) Don’t touch the curls when they’re hot. They need to come down to room temperature in order to get their desired shape.

6) Flip your hair down and use a paddle brush to comb out the curls. The hair should be smooth.

7) Secure a black barrette, about an inch above the right eye, for added sophistication. You can also use a bobby pin to tone the look down.

8) Apply some hairspray, if needed.
It’s as simple as that! Enjoy!

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