About Patricia

I'm Patricia! Nice to meet you.

Hey Everybody!

I’m Patricia. I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I work in the field of Marketing and Communications. I hold an Honours Double Major Degree in Communication Studies and Anthropology and a Post-graduate Certificate in Corporate Communications and Public Relations. I’m also taking a part-time course in digital publishing.

I have worked in the areas of television, not-for-profits, long-term health care, radio, fashion and education. I have worked as a Dietary Aide, Media Relations Consultant, Public Relations Coordinator, Marketing and Special Events Assistant, Student Representative, Web Clerk, Web Editor, Associate Producer, Fundraiser and Blogger (not in that order, though).

I love what I do and I have (this is so cliche) a passion for fashion. I love staying on top of trends and sharing all the latest from the fashion world with you. But, this blog isn’t solely about fashion. I also love talking about food, make-up, music and not to mention my upcoming wedding!!!

I’m so glad that you have taken the time to stop by and visit my blog. Thank you!

Please feel free to read, comment and even e-mail me if your heart desires at belleontheboulevard@gmail.com

Some quick things about me

Patri and Trish
Favourite Colour
Favourite Movie
Billy Elliot
Favourite Item of Clothing
My skinny jeans
Best Vacation

17 thoughts on “About Patricia

  1. Your blog is certainly becoming one of my favorite daily reads 🙂 Great stuff! … I also work in the Marketing field 😉 …Thats awesome you’re going back to school for web design! Good for you!

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