American Eagle Wants You To #LiveYourLife

American Eagle has launched a new campaign targeted to their Gen Y customers entitled “Live Your Life.” The campaign encourages customers to go online and create a profile of themselves showing off how they live their lives in their fabulous fitting American Eagle jeans. In order to participate, the customers must create an enticing profile consisting of photos, videos and answers to a few personal questions.

Once completed, customers are asked to utilize their social networks to collect votes from their family and friends.

But how is a winner selected? Each contestant has to choose what fit of AE jean they live their life in. Whatever fit, from Skinny to Bootcut. Each week the votes will determine who the top 250 contestants are for each fit. American Eagle will then pick one entry from the top 250, and the top contestants will move on to the final round for their chance to win a spot in the next American Eagle campaign photoshoot.



Each entrants’ profile can include 1–5 photos, answers to a few personal questions and even a video showing how you “Live Your Life.” Participants can add new pictures or video and edit their profiles on Mondays and Tuesdays. The rest of the week, participants will be expected to share their profiles with their friends for votes.


To collect votes, entrants must share their profiles with as many people as possible. The top 250 contestants with the most votes in each fit are shown in American Eagle’s main gallery.

What do you think? Is this a good marketing campaign? Would you enter?

Source: Fashionably Marketing


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